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Hair Cut

Our stylists are kept up to date on the latest techniques and styles. Whether you need a completely new look or just a simple trim, we are the salon for you.

Bang Trim

Whether you want a completely new look, or a simple trim to your bangs, we can help decide what's best for you.

Blow Dry

Our stylists use the latest techniques to blow dry your hair. We can take extremely curly hair and transform it into a beautiful sleek style.


An allover highlight, a temporary hint of color or a complete covering of grey, our color staff excels in determining which colors work best with your complexion and style.

Color (Single Process)

Our colorists can help determine if a new color or simple touch up is best for you.


Whether you need a little extra body added to your hairstyle or a firm curl, our designers can give you a wave that is right for you. If you prefer to relax your curl, our designers can also give you a healthy, smooth look.


Our conditioning treatments are used to rebuild your hair to give it the best look possible. Whether you need a full conditioning treatment, or you simply want to add extra shine to your hair, our conditioning treatments will do just the thing.


We offer a full range of hair care treatments to bring your hair to its absolute best condition.

Women's haircut

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